avatarSatori Smiles is a blog about 5 year old Satori and her mother learning at home. With Daddy traveling every week, a blog full of pictures and stories about our day was the perfect way for him to share in our experience. Learn about our K-1 years together for the years 2009/2010.

With an insatiable appetite for learning and reading, I hope to instill this passion in Satori as well. Within our first year of homeschooling (started February 2009 when Satori was 4.25 years old) we’ve experimented with quite a few homeschooling styles and have settled upon an eclectic mix of what we love best out of a few styles, but predominantly a classical education style.


When Satori was born, I wanted the best for her, giving her a great education and always encouraging her to continually learn. The meaning of Satori is “enlightenment” in Japanese Buddhist terms. The word literally means “understanding”, which describes my hopes for Satori as she grows, that she will always seek out knowledge and learning.

Satori of course has a beautiful smile and smiles often. 🙂