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Category: Clown of God

After our reading and math lessons, we ended up having a colorful morning!

To finish off our last FIAR book we started a month ago, we read the Clown of God again and then had fun trying to juggle with colorful scarves. This was actually pretty fun!


I had these florescent scarves from Satori’s 4 year old birthday party where we had a “disco” theme, and I wanted to have glow-in-the-dark (with the help of a black light) scarves for the dance party. They are actually juggling practice scarves! They kinda float in the air for awhile, making them excellent as tools to learn how to juggle.



Okay, so Satori didn’t learn how to juggle today, but we had so much fun giggling and throwing them up and catching them, and it was a great workout!


A month ago, we had also attended the Renaissance Fair as a field trip for Clown of God. They had juggling sticks (devil sticks), and mama had a good time demonstrating to Satori how to do them, I used to play with these 15 years ago! I did not light them on fire this time though. 🙂 These are fun for children, I should get a pair for Satori. She has since tried to juggle with pencils, hehe.

We also did lesson 3 out of Artistic Pursuits, which was free-form finger painting!



Getting really messy!


We went back in time to the Renaissance era (1450-1600) to give Satori a glimpse of what it might have been like. It’s been awhile since I’d been to one of these, and I’ve only been to the Minnesota one. Neither David nor Satori has experienced one. Oliver joined us as well.

Renaissance Festival, Colorado

Renaissance Festival, Colorado

Right away we saw fairies, princesses, jesters and more…0908-rmnp-renaissance-065

I could’ve kicked myself for not dressing at least Satori up for this day. I had invested in tons of fairy  outfits for possible children’s photography shoots that we’ve never used. Luckily, the Enchanted Hat store had outfits for sale.


Ah, now Satori looks like a pretty princess. 🙂


Next up, face painting…

Face painting

Face painting

Unicorn face painting

Unicorn face painting

We enjoyed the children’s petting zoo and fed the animals.

To tie this field trip more closely with The Clown of God FIAR rowing this week, we watched a juggling show. Mama also juggled some crystal sticks (not shown), I used to be able to do these back in college.


Tonight we started rowing The Clown of God by Tomie dePaola. I timed this to coordinate with the Renaissance Fair in Denver this weekend. I think we shall have a blast! I remember going to these when I was younger…

I haven’t read the FIAR manual yet, but off the top of my head other themes we will cover aside from the Renaissance period are: Italy again, Renaissance period, juggling, gravity… I have florescent juggling scarves, so hopefully the juggling will be easy to try. 🙂

This weekend we have a guest, Oliver, who is from South Africa (he’s working in the US currently and works for the same company David does – Deloitte). Satori definitely is not a shy girl anymore, that’s all I can say! We look forward to taking Oliver to Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park for lunch, geocaching, and the Renaissance Fair. I will be asking him to tell Satori a little bit about his country.

South Africa flag

South Africa flag