Homeschool Curriculum Plans

I started homeschooling my daughter Satori in February of 2009, mostly as a test to see if this life would be for us. It was a resounding success! We started Kindergarten grade fall of 2009, when my daughter was still 4. I will post our Curriculum Plans and Thoughts each semester. They are listed below, as well as on the Curriculum menu above.

While I consider our homeschool to be eclectic (taking the best of each homeschooling method), we will primarily follow a classical approach. Starting in Spring 2010, we’re now doing our 4-year rotations in History, Art, Music, literature, and perhaps science. Learning Latin will be in the works.

I use Homeschool SkedTrack – a free online lesson scheduling and tracking tool. I couldn’t get by without it, I love it’s ease of use and flexibility. This helps keep us on track and I’m able to easily see when we’ll hit a certain lesson, even if we vary from schedule.

The past year I have spent hours upon hours figuring out the ideal curriculums for our homeschool. I relish this type of research. I think I have the first K-3 years tentatively figured out. 🙂

About our Homeschool Style

Homeschooling Satori has taken a priority in my life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! We LOVE what we are doing. Our homeschooling style is quite fun, I try my best to choose the most interesting, but thorough curriculum that will fit my daughter’s learning style and my teaching style.  I love teaching (and learning alongside) my daughter, so some of the programs I choose can be somewhat parent-intensive. Satori and I also love creative projects, so we might chose programs that incorporate more projects and activities than others. I say this because what works for us may not work for another family’s homeschool.

Since we’re following a classical education method, our choices may follow the 4-year cycle.

Above all, the plans are flexible! If something doesn’t work out, I am not afraid to set it aside. I love suggestions and comments from other people, so keep them coming!