This is just our great room, but we’ve got three creative centers setup there now.

Satori’s favorite is her Art desk. She uses this to draw, write, and do anything creative. The bookshelf below the desk holds all our art books, while the desk top and the side shelves hold paper and art pencils/markers/etc…


I setup a Writing Desk but she doesn’t really use it, as she prefers the previous desk. The Writing Desk holds all her Blank Books, notebooks, and writing utensils. This desk is usually filled with her writings and stories anyway, so we’ll keep it up for now.

Just around the corner is our Nature Nook. The baskets hold most of our bird and nature identification books. This is the handiest place for us to keep it all, as it’s right beside our deck. We keep our binoculars here, and hidden away under it all is where we store our bird feed. If we see any new birds out our windows, it’s an easy grab for binoculars and a bird ID book.