Family field trip day to the Denver Art Museum! Who would’ve ever thought that an art museum would be fun for a 4 year old?

We started off getting a Family Backpack (free) which took us on a journey to find Costa Rican animals:


After following the directions, we found this little guy, and Satori completed a puzzle based on him.


Then we threw a special dice and we had to find the jaguar, turtle, parrot, etc… in a museum display nearby. And the third activity was to create a monkey mask!


and our happy little monkey…


This museum down in Denver, Colorado had so much to do, Satori could’ve played in their Bubble interactive display for hours, pouncing on bubbles shown on the floor to pop them! I thought the glowing bubble spheres in the background made for a pretty cool photo.


Many tears were shed when we had to leave, and we only saw a tiny portion of this museum. We’ll be sure to come back again and again!

Back in Boulder, we checked out a hidden park (tucked away inside a cul-de-sac neighborhood) of some fun caves. We’ll share photos of the rock caves another time, but we’ll conclude our day with this fun merry-go-round picture!