Daddy enjoyed himself last weekend helping Satori do her Science day for Ping, so he wants in! Every weekend, he will be the “teacher” in one of Satori’s FIAR days. And mama will be the assistant teacher, cutting/pasting/preparing in the background. 🙂

Our Math lessons in Madeline were symmetry, smallest to largest, and groups of 3, 4, and 6.

After brief demonstrations in symmetry, Satori and David made an artwork by putting paint on one side of a paper (the other side was covered up with contact paper temporarily), and then folding it together to create a symmetrical design!


And the end result! Totally unintentional, but David and I saw the same thing right away… Guess what we saw? Satori? She said she saw the bottom of the ocean. If you click on the picture and look closely, you can see the ripples of the seaweeds. 🙂



Next we went over groups of 3, 4, and 6, using our counting tigers. (In Madeline, the little girl says “Pooh pooh!” to the tiger at the zoo.) We asked her to count how many lines the tigers made and Satori proceeded to count the tiger’s black lines (stripes) on their back, lol.


After our lesson, Satori was so enamored with her new counting wild animals (tigers, zebras, pandas, etc…) that she is still playing with them. 🙂

Thank you David, Satori’s second teacher, for helping us with Madeline’s Math day! Satori and David also drew a tiger, and you will see him once I figure out how to add video to this blog. 🙂 First, have to charge my pocket camera that does video, all I use these days are super-huge DSLR cameras.