One of my favorite songs by They Might Be Giants, “Make a Little Birdhouse in your Soul”, makes me smile. 🙂 Did you know they also have great CDs for kids? (We only have their No! CD, but I should get the others sometime… Also Cake makes cool kid’s music.

Anyway, Satori had been begging me for a little birdhouse to paint, and today she finally got her wish.


She took her painting very seriously and said that birds from all around are going to know where Satori’s house is, as her house has the prettiest birdhouse all around! 🙂


In writing this post, I learned that you use quotation marks in song titles, songs, poems, and short stories, but you italicize or underline longer works like books, films, full-length plays and longer musical compositions. Apologies if I didn’t do this properly before. 🙂

In concluding our Five in a Row Madeline book study, we are watching the Madeline DVD (1998) which covers all the books we’ve read, Satori is absolutely enthralled.

Our last FIAR day is Science, and there isn’t much scientific lessons to be learned. We covered health, and went over how to wash our hands, how to stay healthy with exercise, and what appendicitis is (Madeline’s affliction in the book). We did remember to ask the doctor to show us where her appendix is at Satori’s wellness checkup last week.