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Archive for February 25th, 2009

Daddy, this one’s for you. It’s a picture of Satori and her dog Maddie. Satori is crying because she misses her daddy. (David travels during the week for his job.)


Here’s what the scribblings are saying, as Satori dictates her words to me:

“Dear Daddy,

I wish you didn’t have to go to Minnesota. I’m sad about that. You go to Minnesota again and again and again, gain, gain.

– Satori”

We look forward to the day Daddy doesn’t have to fly out every week. This was kinda a sad post!

And this concludes our Madeline FIAR readings! It was great to save the video for last, as it tied together all the books we read, as well as ones we didn’t read. Satori now is familiar with France, Paris, the Eiffel tower and perhaps some Paris landmarks. Yesterday morning she shrieked that the Little Einsteins were in Paris! Then they were at the Eiffel tower! She was sooo proud she knew of this place. She also is getting to know parts of her body – stomach, liver, large/small intestines, heart, and of course appendix.

The below photo shows most of the work we did for Madeline study, including our lapbook (many flaps not shown, I’ll have to get this on video soon), all our books, some artwork and her new doll. Not shown are things like our picture disk on our laminated map (she can point out France on any map or globe now), our research on our Anatomy CD, and the artwork on symmetry.

Now Satori is working hard at writing a book. She is reading it to me now, it is about a little girl who lives in India. (She’s been obsessed with this concept, and I’m not sure where she got it from or even that she knew India was a place, lol!) Just this past week she has been “pretending writing” books.


We have quite a few of this scribblings now, how cute! Can’t wait until she can really write, I look forward to all her stories. She has such an imagination!

Thank you thank you thank you David! (He unexpectedly splurged on this for Valentine’s day.)

Amazon’s Kindle 2 (latest link to Kindle) was released just yesterday, February 24, and I already got it today! What a total surprise!!!


It arrived in the fanciest custom Amazon cardboard box I’ve seen:


For those of you who have no clue what a Kindle is, it is a book reading device. Its wireless, so I can download Amazon books, magazines, etc… instantly. I can catch up on my favorite blogs too!

Now, I’m off to see what Kindle books I can buy!