Satori was playing with her friends all day, so no pictures of the little girl today.

Instead, I prepared our lessons for the week for rowing Lentil, by Robert McCloskey. Lentil is a little boy in 1940s Ohio who saves the day with his unique talent. We’ll be learning about Ohio, small towns, life many years ago, the climax of a story, harmonicas, taste buds and sound! I’ve got lots of fun experiments and ideas lined up, I think we’ll be having some fun.


Also, when researching the Lentil lapbook materials, I came across this site that offered “Lentil Science”, which helps kids learn with lentils! They have hands-on blend of science, math, social studies, language and art. It sounds like a super fun way to learn, and I’ll have to try it out.


We started reading aloud to Satori long chapter books with no pictures. I wasn’t sure how she’d do just listening, especially with a book with scarce pictures in it. But tonight we read for about 15 minutes and I think it’s going to work out! I’ll know for sure after we do this a few more times. ;)  But she has the patience and the interest, so I’m thinking it will be a cherished time for daughter and mother, and hopefully we can continue this tradition for quite a long time.


UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2009: This area looks nothing like it did back in February. 🙂 We’ve converted this to our “Learning Loft” which holds Satori’s “office”. 🙂 We now do most of our read-alouds in the Reading Room or in bed at bedtime.