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Archive for February, 2009

Thank you thank you thank you David! (He unexpectedly splurged on this for Valentine’s day.)

Amazon’s Kindle 2 (latest link to Kindle) was released just yesterday, February 24, and I already got it today! What a total surprise!!!


It arrived in the fanciest custom Amazon cardboard box I’ve seen:


For those of you who have no clue what a Kindle is, it is a book reading device. Its wireless, so I can download Amazon books, magazines, etc… instantly. I can catch up on my favorite blogs too!

Now, I’m off to see what Kindle books I can buy!

Double-post today, we had alot of fun. 🙂

Sunny and  mid-60’s today… Started in Nederland with our Spanish class. Then headed to the Boulder library to find books for our next FIAR row.


Of course had to say Hi to the ducks! We were able to get real close, they were very friendly. All the people feeding them attracted quite a bunch.


Satori spotted the first flower that we saw all year, she almost picked it, but I stopped her!


Towards the end of our day we found a really cool playground, we’ll have to come back and visit longer when we have more time! For those of you in Colorado, this is called “Foster’s Place”, and its in Georgetown, CO. (Yeah, we really drove all over the place today!)


One of my favorite songs by They Might Be Giants, “Make a Little Birdhouse in your Soul”, makes me smile. 🙂 Did you know they also have great CDs for kids? (We only have their No! CD, but I should get the others sometime… Also Cake makes cool kid’s music.

Anyway, Satori had been begging me for a little birdhouse to paint, and today she finally got her wish.


She took her painting very seriously and said that birds from all around are going to know where Satori’s house is, as her house has the prettiest birdhouse all around! 🙂


In writing this post, I learned that you use quotation marks in song titles, songs, poems, and short stories, but you italicize or underline longer works like books, films, full-length plays and longer musical compositions. Apologies if I didn’t do this properly before. 🙂

In concluding our Five in a Row Madeline book study, we are watching the Madeline DVD (1998) which covers all the books we’ve read, Satori is absolutely enthralled.

Our last FIAR day is Science, and there isn’t much scientific lessons to be learned. We covered health, and went over how to wash our hands, how to stay healthy with exercise, and what appendicitis is (Madeline’s affliction in the book). We did remember to ask the doctor to show us where her appendix is at Satori’s wellness checkup last week.

Today was just a lazy Monday, I am trying to clean for a special guest on Friday. 🙂 An extended playdate… Yeah, it usually is a huge endeavor when we expect guests, with a little girl, 1 dog, and 3 cats, a house never stays clean for long! I also took some time to do organize the schoolroom. First, had to ensure that Satori was occupied! Here she is just outside the schoolroom making some creative sculptures. Our new Super-Lightweight Paint Apron was a hit with Satori.


In the meantime, I built our paint station – pulled the easel out of the garage and assembled a bunch of washable tempera paints in a storage basket – 10-pack set of paints and basket all from Lakeshore Learning. No, I do not work for Lakeshore Learning, but I love that store! 😉


Ah… gotta love being organized! Simply pop the caps open and you’re ready to paint. I should’ve bought the matching paint brushes. When done, I close the lids and store them under the sink. 🙂


Satori couldn’t wait to get her hands on the new paints. She proceeded to paint a picture of her kitty, Soma, a spotted Bengal cat.


Finally, I made a homemade bulletin board. Last week I purchased a white foam board, and today I selected some fabric, stapled it to the back and put it up on the wall. If we get bored of this fabric, I have tons more from my Attached to Baby days when I used to send fabrics to work at home moms to make baby carriers. Mei Tais were my favorite by the way. 🙂 Looking at all the fabrics reminded me of all the Sachis, FreeHands, AngelPack Mei Tais that were exclusive to ATB, and coincidentally, was one of the main reasons customers loved us when we started back in 2005!


Daddy enjoyed himself last weekend helping Satori do her Science day for Ping, so he wants in! Every weekend, he will be the “teacher” in one of Satori’s FIAR days. And mama will be the assistant teacher, cutting/pasting/preparing in the background. 🙂

Our Math lessons in Madeline were symmetry, smallest to largest, and groups of 3, 4, and 6.

After brief demonstrations in symmetry, Satori and David made an artwork by putting paint on one side of a paper (the other side was covered up with contact paper temporarily), and then folding it together to create a symmetrical design!


And the end result! Totally unintentional, but David and I saw the same thing right away… Guess what we saw? Satori? She said she saw the bottom of the ocean. If you click on the picture and look closely, you can see the ripples of the seaweeds. 🙂



Next we went over groups of 3, 4, and 6, using our counting tigers. (In Madeline, the little girl says “Pooh pooh!” to the tiger at the zoo.) We asked her to count how many lines the tigers made and Satori proceeded to count the tiger’s black lines (stripes) on their back, lol.


After our lesson, Satori was so enamored with her new counting wild animals (tigers, zebras, pandas, etc…) that she is still playing with them. 🙂

Thank you David, Satori’s second teacher, for helping us with Madeline’s Math day! Satori and David also drew a tiger, and you will see him once I figure out how to add video to this blog. 🙂 First, have to charge my pocket camera that does video, all I use these days are super-huge DSLR cameras.

It’s getting closer to spring, so before all the ice melts on the lakes, we decided to go ice skating! Evergreen, Colorado is such a beautiful town, and I love walking around their lake. In the winter, it’s so much fun as they open it up for ice skating! Luckily, David is a pretty good ice skater, so he took Satori around, while I was the photographer. 🙂 For those of you who know me as a photographer, I took my second camera – the Nikon D300 with the 18-200 VR lens, I wasn’t going to risk my main camera and the expensive lenses on this ice! I post-processed these on my main computer, so as always, click on the photo to see it larger. 🙂



It was a beautiful sunny day… Here’s a few random shots I took of people enjoying the day. The first was simply precious… The second just shows how warm it was, we could’ve worn shorts and t-shirts!



We had beautiful blue skies and gorgeous mountain scenery. Satori had such a blast.



After we skated, we took a walk around the lake and ate at a cute little restaurant called the Creekside Cellar. We’ll have to go back and enjoy a glass of wine next time!


Family field trip day to the Denver Art Museum! Who would’ve ever thought that an art museum would be fun for a 4 year old?

We started off getting a Family Backpack (free) which took us on a journey to find Costa Rican animals:


After following the directions, we found this little guy, and Satori completed a puzzle based on him.


Then we threw a special dice and we had to find the jaguar, turtle, parrot, etc… in a museum display nearby. And the third activity was to create a monkey mask!


and our happy little monkey…


This museum down in Denver, Colorado had so much to do, Satori could’ve played in their Bubble interactive display for hours, pouncing on bubbles shown on the floor to pop them! I thought the glowing bubble spheres in the background made for a pretty cool photo.


Many tears were shed when we had to leave, and we only saw a tiny portion of this museum. We’ll be sure to come back again and again!

Back in Boulder, we checked out a hidden park (tucked away inside a cul-de-sac neighborhood) of some fun caves. We’ll share photos of the rock caves another time, but we’ll conclude our day with this fun merry-go-round picture!