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Archive for March 1st, 2009

I finally got video up on the blog, mostly just to see it work. David looks pissed off, but he is just trying to read in the bright sunlight. 🙂

… means it is Art day for Lentil!! Daddy was the teacher today for our Lentil Art day. We even got to do our class outside, as it was very sunny and quite warm. Of course mama had everything all ready to go. I thought we’d incorporate many elements of art today – music, sculpture and a drama.


Like every FIAR rowing, we start with reading the book, in this case it is Lentil. Here Satori is trying to whistle like poor Lentil, who couldn’t sing or whistle, all because he couldn’t pucker (which this inability ends up saving the day).


Then comes the fun part – hand’s on learning! We started with showing Satori her new harmonica. We made a guitar out of a kleenex box and rubber bands, and added a drum and made some music.


After enjoying our beautiful band playing  Jingle Bells and Old McDonald, we started to whittle and make soap sculptures.


Satori wanted to make a snowman, daddy thought of a fish. With daddy’s help, here are our little sculptures!


Finally, we acted out the story. Satori was the harmonica-playing Lentil, daddy was Old Sneep, and mama was Colonel Carter and narrator. Daddy played such a good old grump, whittling and sucking his lemons. Satori actually liked the taste of lemons. After this post, we will make LEMONADE, and we’ll take up a bit of Applied Math as we measure ingredients.

Satori has been playing her new harmonica non-stop! We also watched YouTube videos on different musicians playing their harmonica.


A glorious Sunday day and I’m stuck at home alone. David and Satori went to the movies and probably a park. To tell the truth, I needed a break. For the entire month, I’ve been obsessed with building the perfect homeschool, craft supplies, and book library. It’s no wonder my body forced me to slow down. So here I am, in my office, listening to chill music on, planning to surf a bunch of wonderful mama blogs. One of my favorite activities. 🙂

You may have noticed yesterday what David and I were reading. I didn’t realize what a coincidence had pulled together last week. First off, let me introduce you to one of my favorite magazines – Mothering. Most of you who read this blog probably already know and love this magazine, and maybe even seen one of my babywearing ads in it. There are tons of articles on all my favorite parenting practices – babywearing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, you name it. (I honestly don’t know how I got to be so crunchy!) However, because Satori is growing up, I haven’t been reading the magazine as much, in fact, I no longer even pay for it, I think it just arrives to my house free after I spent like $10k in advertising last year, lol. Until this week this month’s issue in particular caught my eye. The “Crafty Mama” article caught both David’s and my eye. Full of beautiful pictures and crafts that were simply exquisite. David pointed a few out and said that Satori would love to do this one with you. I agreed, crafting with the family has been so much fun.


I think I’ll make sure this magazine keeps on a-coming, it is so relevant to families these days. Their discussion forums have been invaluable to me when I discovered we were expecting. David discovered cloth diapering for me while I was on bedrest, and I had tons of support while on hospital bedrest. That was the only other time I’ve faithfully kept a blog ( no longer up now). If I skipped a day, my readers would think the worst. But all was well and Satori is a thriving healthy little girl now.

The very same day Amazon sent me a book – The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule. What a valuable book, and can’t wait to read more. If there’s ever a book to bring your family together, embrace creativity and learning, appreciate beauty, create memories, this book is it. I’ve had sooo many ideas now and my family is going to love me more than ever! It dawned on me that this name looked familiar, and I realized I had bookmarked her blog somewhere. Yep, and now I’ve included it on this blogroll, you may find Amanda’s “Soule Mama” blog to the right. Even her name is beautiful.


To tie the two together, the Mothering article mentions Amanda Blake Soule as one of the 5 featured crafty mama/bloggers! It couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I think you can be sure to expect seeing some of these mother’s ideas come alive in this blog.