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Archive for March 2nd, 2009

Since we no longer use our little point & shoot camera after we got our DSLR cameras, we gave Satori this camera for her very own. Here’s a few pictures she took today. I’ll critique them, as I am used to doing this on photography forums. 🙂 Satori, good job, Bryan Peterson (mama’s online photography teacher) would be proud.

Way to go Satori filling up the frame with such happy yellow! I like how you blurred out some of the flowers, yet kept some sharp for detail.


Nice repeating pattern and kudos again on filling up the frame! I love the texture here, as well as the shadow play. You got some warm sunshine juxtaposed on cool shadows.


Here we have a pretty perfect diagonal line going on, and what a cool closeup of my warehouse outdoor mat being dug into the ground:


This one here is a tad on the fuzzy side (I forgive ya, it was very dark in the room), but way to go on the art of making your bed! (That you never use as we still co-sleep, lol.) I like how you flipped the bedspread down, who taught you that?!? (I was wondering what was happening when she was so quiet for 15 minutes, heard alot of thumping, and then down came a very proud little girl who proceeded to show me her bed she made for the very first time.)


And onto our family meetup dinner tonight. What a great job framing this pig! Tack sharp and he seems to almost *glow*!


I love how you captured these complementary colors here, what a great way to set off the decoration. I just might need to give you some composition lessons though. 🙂


And finally, of course not taken by Satori, but here she is (with parent’s permission) with her new friend Sam! Satori, it looks like you had too much strawberry daiquiri (non-alcoholic) tonight!


Ned mamas, if you’re reading this, we had a blast and are so happy we went tonight! Satori couldn’t stop talking about her two new friends Sam and May.

We didn’t get to make our lemonade yesterday, so we made it today. Lemons play a big part in Lentil, so once Satori got a “taste” of straight up lemon juice, we then proceeded to make lemonade. I had her count and measure all the ingredients, as this is our “Math Day” for Five in a Row. One cup lemon juice, 1 cup sugar (actually we did half sugar and that was pretty sweet enough), and 1 cup water. We boiled the sugar and water so the sugar dissolves thoroughly (no more sugar sinking to bottom). Then cool the water, add more to taste.


Mama gave Satori her first lesson on fractions – whole, half, and quarter. I had her stack two lemon halves so we could count how many lemons we used. It took the juice of 5 lemons to make us a cup.


And we enjoyed our fresh lemonade outdoors on our sunny, 70? degree day!


Once we rested, we gathered a cup of pinto beans (I would’ve used lentils, but we only had a mix of very small lentil/beans). Using an eggshell carton, I labeled 1-12. We counted in Spanish (and sometimes in English) to fill the container.


For our last 4 numbers (9-12), I had Satori grab a handful she guessed would be the amount, and then we’d see how close she was. She was one off on all except our last number. Instead of 12, she purposely grabbed as much as her little hand could grab! It happened to be 27 pinto beans!

And here is our container almost full:


Learning math does not have to be boring! No mindless worksheets for us.

Using items hands-on for learning math is called “manipulatives”. You can use whatever you have around the house (food, paperclips, pebbles, etc…) or there are lots of fun sets like our wild animal counting manipulatives. At our Spanish class on Tuesdays,  Miss Alma uses Gold Fish snacks or Cheerios. Kids gobble them up and ask for Mas Por Favor!

After Satori gathered her sawdust all I could find in the way of sawdust crafts was making sawdust clay.Wow, this was messy, sticky, goopy, you name it.


Ahh… Monster Hands!


Not so sure about this… We’ll call it our very “rustic” sawdust bowl. Colorado is so dry that this might be ready tomorrow. When it is all dry and ready, we’ll sand it smooth and paint it.


We’ve been hearing some birds singing lately, so we want to build them bird feeders. I pulled out our acrylic paints and Satori got a mini-lesson on how to blend colors to make pink, purple and light green.



And here it is!


We just got a pen pal today! A 4 year old girl living in Florida wants to be our pen pal. 🙂 We’ll be writing her our first letter this afternoon.

Here’s some more photos from our nature walk this morning, starting with the precious girl.


We both took  our cameras, here she is taking a picture of a baby pine tree:


And some dried up flowers:


Soon the mountains will be bursting with flowers, we look forward to taking beautiful pictures of them! Here’s a typical view of what we see everyday up here. Vivid, rich blue skys… Green trees… brown bark/rocks/pine cones… 🙂 I will always think of Colorado as blue, green and brown.


In just a moment, I am going to google “crafts with sawdust”.

Satori, Maddie the dog, and mama went for a walk this morning. One of the saddest things in the Colorado mountains is the invasion of the mountain pine beetle, a pest which has turned the western slopes of our mountain brown, killing all our pine trees. We live on the eastern slope, so we are just starting to see them arrive. One of the places its started has been my warehouse. We’ve had some friends cut down the dead trees, and they left alot of sawdust. Both Satori and I thought the same thing – collect it! I ran into the warehouse to get her a zippy bag (one of the millions in there).


So we ended up with a bag of sawdust! And while I was in the warehouse shipping out a package to Minnesota, I looked around and found all these ribbons as well! I am sure we can make use of them in future crafts.