We didn’t get to make our lemonade yesterday, so we made it today. Lemons play a big part in Lentil, so once Satori got a “taste” of straight up lemon juice, we then proceeded to make lemonade. I had her count and measure all the ingredients, as this is our “Math Day” for Five in a Row. One cup lemon juice, 1 cup sugar (actually we did half sugar and that was pretty sweet enough), and 1 cup water. We boiled the sugar and water so the sugar dissolves thoroughly (no more sugar sinking to bottom). Then cool the water, add more to taste.


Mama gave Satori her first lesson on fractions – whole, half, and quarter. I had her stack two lemon halves so we could count how many lemons we used. It took the juice of 5 lemons to make us a cup.


And we enjoyed our fresh lemonade outdoors on our sunny, 70? degree day!


Once we rested, we gathered a cup of pinto beans (I would’ve used lentils, but we only had a mix of very small lentil/beans). Using an eggshell carton, I labeled 1-12. We counted in Spanish (and sometimes in English) to fill the container.


For our last 4 numbers (9-12), I had Satori grab a handful she guessed would be the amount, and then we’d see how close she was. She was one off on all except our last number. Instead of 12, she purposely grabbed as much as her little hand could grab! It happened to be 27 pinto beans!

And here is our container almost full:


Learning math does not have to be boring! No mindless worksheets for us.

Using items hands-on for learning math is called “manipulatives”. You can use whatever you have around the house (food, paperclips, pebbles, etc…) or there are lots of fun sets like our wild animal counting manipulatives. At our Spanish class on Tuesdays,  Miss Alma uses Gold Fish snacks or Cheerios. Kids gobble them up and ask for Mas Por Favor!