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Archive for March 3rd, 2009

I wanted to take my time with the 3 R’s, but Satori just seems so eager to learn. Keep in mind we haven’t really worked on any of this, except for what most parents teach their children at home – learning the alphabet song, a few letters, numbers 1-10, and writing her own name. The Five in a Row program we are doing suggests supplemental 3 Rs (reading, writing, arithmetic). So I guess it’s time!


The other day Satori asked me, “I’m smart, aren’t I?” And I said of course you are! And she replied, “Then why can’t I read?”

Then let’s start some reading preparedness. Tonight I tested her to see how much of the alphabet she knows. We did this by going “fishing” with our magnetic fishing pole and catching magnetic letters. (I did this for the fun factor and to make sure we got random letters.) Like I said in the previous post, she knew almost all her letters minus about 5. She knew about half the sounds the letters made. These were capital letters, next time we’ll try lower-case.

Then I opened up a new DVD that a lot of people recommended as being very helpful – Leap Frog’s Letter Factory.


Look at that, a full 5-star review with 610 reviews! As a daily Amazon surfer, I’m impressed. And after watching it for our very first time, Satori said she loved it. The video was catchy and taught letter sounds in unbelievably memorable ways. Indeed, we went through the entire alphabet 10 minutes later, and she remembered almost all of the letter sounds, even better than I did! What a great investment, and I’m was kind of leery about buying such a “commercial” item.


Satori seems so adamant about writing that I think I will start helping her learn how to write. I’ve really done nothing with her at home except a few times in writing her name. I am hesitant at having Satori start to write, as I’ve read that preschoolers may not have the dexterity to write yet, and could become frustrated.

But especially with our new pen pal, a 4 year old girl who wants to practice her handwriting, I think this is going to make her want to write even more.


I’m eyeing  Handwriting Without Tears or HWT as it teaches children handwriting in a variety of hands-on, multisensory methods, using dough, wood pieces, little crayons/chalk, music, etc… I’ve heard sooo much about this program.



Again, we’re going for the hands-on approach, and I’m expecting our Math U See program to arrive tomorrow, and “Lentil Science” within the week. We’ll have more to say about these once we try them.


Last weekend David purchased the Reader Rabbit Kindergarten Ages 4-6 video game, which has basic math addition and subtratction, she is trying so hard to do these, but has never been introduced to these concepts. Hopefully by summer, she’ll be able to do these on her own. By the way, Satori has never shown an interest in computers until about a month ago. Now she has been hogging my kitchen computer and wants her own!

Today is our first day to write to our new pen pal. I was all prepared to have Satori dictate and I would write it out for her, but Satori insisted on writing her own letter. She even brought me the paper and pen! So that’s how we started. Satori wrote a 3 page letter to her new friend. (Each page had a sentence.)


She knew how to write all her own letters except K, Y and L. She had a tough time writing her N, W to name a few. We haven’t really worked on writing yet, but I have a feeling the pen pal correspondence will be a big incentive.

Here’s her letter with mama’s typed translation (in case they need it) and a bit more of a letter, along with a drawing of Satori with her new pen pal.


Then we mailed out our letter at the post office! After that we went on a hike.


We got a good view of Eldora Ski resort here. I do not know how to photograph landscapes, hopefully this summer I will get better.


Here Satori is looking out her binoculars to see if she can see any skiers.


And I kinda like this photo, the white Aspen tree against the darker evergreens…