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Archive for March 7th, 2009

Well David got stuck at home on a business emergency, so we didn’t leave the house today. ‘Tis okay, it’s snowy anyway. On one of his breaks from the telephone, we all laid on our tummies to doodle.



I was trying to show Satori how to shade to make things more realistic, and my example was the crayon.


It’s a Saturday and it snowed a little last night and it’s cooold! We are going to attend Nederland’s annual event today, but while we’re waiting to take off, Satori and I did a few fun math activities.

She’s been anxious to try out her number stamps, so we started with that. Just like in Math U See, we counted from 0 to 9.


And then practiced writing the numerals. It was her first time using the stamps, so we had a few go every which way!


Next up, our Mighty Mind! I got this a long time ago, and she wasn’t in to it back then. It is for ages 3-5, so she definitely should know how to play this now! We finished the first 5 designs, which were admittedly pretty easy and she got bored.


Not until this past few weeks did I realize that this type of activity would be “math”. How fun! Ooh, and it makes you smarter. 🙂


I hope we can relax and have fun the rest of the day (I’ve been sick all week but my “student” has been pushing for educational activities). Once daddy is done working today, we’ll get some quality family time in, and maybe later, mama can even get some mama time in!