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Archive for March 9th, 2009

Just a few months ago, Satori barely knew how to write her own name. In February, she learned how to write so many letters and now writes “letters” with random letters all the time. And just a few weeks ago, she would sprawl her letters across half the page, and most likely not in order. With almost no guidance except one month of reading her a lot of books and alphabet recognition games, her handwriting is getting more legible, compact, and more in order. I’ll show examples of her progression from one of the dozens of samples we now have around the house.  She’s been writing so much, I got Satori a writing journal yesterday!

Before I want to teach her to read, I want her of course to be very familiar with her alphabet, both upper and lowercase. So tonight we did a quick review on recognizing her capital letters. I like to do this randomly, so I had the letters spread on the floor for her to pick up, say the letter and sound and then place on board. A few weeks ago, she knew all but a few. Now she knows all PLUS all the most common sounds they make.


By the way, I must say this Learning Resources Alphabet box has really been a great investment. It comes with soft foam magnetic letters in capital and lowercase letters, with 2 sets of each. We also get letter “beads” to string, foam letter dice, some flashcard things, and a wipe-off board. And it all stores in one handy box!  I purchased it at Maestro’s Teaching Tools in Boulder, CO, but since their website isn’t showing their products, you can find it at as well.


Okay, so capital letters are a cinch, how about lowercase? This may be the first time I’ve introduced lowercase letters to Satori, but they are  important, as when she learns to read, almost all letters will be in lowercase.


A bit more challenging! She had about 8 of the 26 lowercase letters she didn’t recognize right away. I’m not worried, it was our first time! She’s on right now and I told her to pay attention to the lowercase letters while I update her blog. 🙂

Oh, and I should share a video on our night tonight, she treated the lowercase letters like babies, had to cradle and coo to them before putting them on the board, then she had to kiss each one. 🙂


By the way, we are moving up to our quiet landing area, as it is a more calming, full of light (in the daytime) place to learn and read. Messy crafts, art, and other activities will still be in our schoolroom (basement kitchen) with no windows.