It is getting warmer here in the Colorado mountains, and although we still have some cool or snowy days, spring is on its way. A few days ago we filled our new bird feeder with black oil sunflower seeds, which I hear is the bird food of choice for songbirds. It didn’t take long before our little feeder had a dozen visitors! I am never sure what birds/animals/flowers we will be able to enjoy up here at 9000 feet, but now we know we can get more birds than just our hummingbirds (we get TONS of hummingbirds).


The birds were quite shy, so the only picture I got was me standing in our kitchen taking the photo out of the window. Still, didn’t get the multitude of birds, but I’ll try again another day. I actually took these two pictures yesterday morning. This straw haybale looked so warm and cheerful in the sunlight, totally contrasting with the snow on top and the cold blue snow in the background.


Today the haybale is all dry so we pulled some straw out to start to make our bird nest craft.


I must admit that making a bird’s nest was not as easy as you think. I admire those little birds! Our nest will not be as nicely formed as a real nest. After we made our haphazard nest, we rolled some eggs in clay.


When the eggs are dry, we’ll paint them, and set them in their nest and share photos of the finished product.

Next up was our Japanese meditation garden which we also are just starting today. I decided to try our hand at making a realistic one, so we got a bunch of kit stuff to make rocks, water, foliage… Here Satori is mixing up our rock.


Then poured them in the molds, they should be dry in a few hours, and at that time we’ll paint them.


While we waited for the rocks and everything to dry, Satori painted the base of our little brook. Converted to B&W as we don’t want to “show” too much of our little project yet. 🙂