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Archive for March 17th, 2009

Nothing like the last second to celebrate a holiday! We didn’t have any green clothes to wear today, but instead we had a little leprechaun hide gold coins around our house.

Satori colored in the rainbow with 7 colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.


Then she grabbed her coin purse, headed outside, and searched for the treasure! Gold coins were hidden around our deck, rock boulders, and outdoor stoves.


Here she is pretending not to notice the 10th and last coin. 🙂


Then she stuck them all on the “pot o’ gold”!


It was a fun little game to play that was easy to do at the last second. We are holding off a few more days to start our next FIAR rowing of A Rag Coat. This week we have grandparents visiting, a cousin’s birthday, and we have to file our taxes. But there’s certainly plenty to do around here!

If you read our blog posts from late yesterday, you may have noticed we did some initial reading practice on a website ( and our LeapFrog Letter Factory and Talking Words Factory DVDs. A few weeks ago she learned all the basic letter sounds and has them down pretty well. I thought the next step would be a hurdle, but she understood the blending concept with the two tools we used last night. When we went to bed, I pulled in write-on board and went over a few easy 3 letter words. She read many of them all on her own, and not only that, she started spelling her own words too!

This is our third screenful, but you can see she was writing “rat”, “pot” and “lip”.  (We were laying on our tummies in bed, otherwise her handwriting is getting a bit neater, hehe.) She read the other words that I wrote on the screen.


Speaking of which, this Workbook Window rocks. I just got it last week – the Starter Bundle for $29.95 -  and it has the benefits of a whiteboard with the easy write on, wipe off feature. In addition, you can slip a workbook or paper underneath it and write “on” the workbook, saving the actual workbook pages to do over again another time! And the back is a felt board, which I’ve been meaning to get anyway.


We were both so excited I pulled out our Bob Books Set 1 which she totally ignored a month ago, and she actually could read it! We only went over a few pages, it can take a lot of effort to read when you’re just starting.


So today we started our first lesson out of  Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. More about this later, I still haven’t read its lengthy intro for the parents, but we went over the sounds of ‘m’ and ‘s’ and how to write them.


Today was our very last day of Spanish class, the event that started the homeschooling idea just 10 weeks ago. Satori was so interested in learning Spanish that I thought she might be ready to learn a bit more, and so I pulled her out of daycare to just 1-2 days a week and started learning/playing at home. 🙂 She surprised us all today by spelling out our teacher’s name – Alma! I had to purposely sound out the a’s like the short a sound though, but otherwise in front of all our eyes, she cranked out the word ALMA very fast.