There is a little joke that it always snows when my mom visits, whether it be March or July. And sure enough today, after a string of sunny, hot days, as they walk into our house, it is snowing!

Snow stopped and didn’t stick, whew! After welcoming hugs, Grandpa made a beeline for our kitchen to setup his laptop to check his email. Satori showed everyone her new favorite website,


Both Grandpa and Grandma took turns drawing with Satori. We used our books “Draw Right Now” and our new Taro Gomi doodling book. Here is a lamb Satori made, she got a little carried away with its legs. Her drawing of an electocuted centipede lamb made us all laugh/smile.  She then sounded out LAMB and spelled it for us.

We spent some time reading in the loft. Satori read the entire Madeline book almost verbatim (from memory) to Grandma! Here Grandma is reading to her.

David finally got off his conference calls for an hour to say  hello to our visitors. And here I took a picture of our clean living room (carpets freshly washed), I usually try to avoid pictures here as it’s always filled with toys and messes! 🙂


Tomorrow is the big birthday party, so it might not be until Sunday until the blog is updated again. Monday we will start in on FIAR book A Rag Coat and practice our handwriting, reading, and math once again. 🙂