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Archive for March 22nd, 2009

To many a bird-watcher’s chagrin, here’s what we saw when we arrived at Walden Ponds. It is *not* snow. It is dried up ponds with lots of salt. 🙁


Last year we saw lots of water and tons of birds. Hopefully it will somehow get like that in a month, but the resident bird-lovers were saddened today by the drought.

I got a few photos anyway, they will come later tonight!

All our guests have gone so it’s back to a normal week for us. David did have the pleasure of baking Marge’s famous cookies right away in the morning, thank you Marge!


And as soon as I publish this blog post, off we go to do some bird watching! Hopefully we’ll get many awesome photos today, just got to remember to bring my heavy telephoto camera lens today. 🙂


We’ll be back tonight with bird and nature walk photos, and the family will do our first rowing of Katy and the Big Snow. We may have a quadruple blog post day today!

Spring is here but the upcoming week is forecasted for SNOW!


Luckily I ordered some FIAR books to do with snow before our winter totally disappears for the year. Last night I prepared our new lapbook for Katy and the Big Snow. You may notice that a lapbook can take TONS of paper – heavy weight cardstock paper in all colors. The environment-conscious part of me cringes, but our homeschool does recycle anything we can, and all scraps are put in a big scrap drawer to use later!

Some of the things we’ll be learning this week will be continuing our studies on weather (particularly snow and blizzards), jobs to make a city run smoothly, personification, compasses/direction, and more. Geopolis is a made-up city, but for our geography studies we’ll introduce South Dakota, and maybe Satori and I will drive through there in the next month.

I am experimenting with a new lapbook style of extending the basic file folder.We’ll see how we like it once it’s full.


Resources used to plan our Katy and the Big Snow lapbook include: