For Language Arts FIAR day, today we dramatized the story of Katy and the Big Storm by Virginia Lee Burton. Luckily, I had Miss Mayor Satori to help me plan out the city.


This is our second time using a compass for FIAR, and this time Satori knew exactly what a compass was for, and what the “N” means. We used our compass key to layout the map of Geoppolis, which isn’t exactly straight up and down for north.


Together Mayor Satori and I built the city of Geoppolis, complete with roads, signs, buildings, a water tower, ice pond, and the city vehicles.


And an aerial view. (Click the picture for bigger detail.)


One day it started to snow. and it went on all day. Looks like a Big Snow! Everyone and everything was stopped, except KATY!


She plowed out the city of Geopolis. In doing so, Katy helped the police protect the city, the postmaster deliver the mail,  the Telephone and Electric Company repair their poles, the Water Department fix the water main, the doctor help the patient get to the hospital, the fire chief put out a fire, and so on… Katy helped save the town!


Finally the town could move again. In the process, as we traveled to East, West, North and South Geoppolis, we also got nice practice with our cardinal directions. FIAR rocks!


After we determined the city was safe and sound, Mayor Satori decided to have some fun in the snow!


After mopping and a shower, we also learned the literary device of personification – where Katy was a hard working snow plow that was given human qualities. And as always, we learned some new vocabulary:


Tomorrow is Art day so mama has to quickly research up some fun and cool snow crafts!