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Archive for March 26th, 2009

Satori narrates our new book we just made today – Vicky and the Big Mess. She is so proud of her books! This is our book we made to illustrate the concept of personification which we learned from Katy and the Big Snow.

This week we studied Katy and the Big Snow, about a hardworking, strong, red snowplow named Katy who helps the town. Today was FIAR Math day, and it was simple to count things in the book, so we’re combining a few Language Arts and Art concepts learned, particularly PERSONIFICATION – where we give human traits to non-living objects, and we’ll take this to illustrate a book.

First we looked at Katy and the artwork in the book. We picked out 3 colors (red, yellow and green), same as used in the book and Satori went to work drawing Katy the snowplow with her “human eyes”. Here it looks like she personified the house (which for some reason is on stilts) too!


I had a new Bare Books order I was trying to hide from Satori for the right time, but she kept finding it. She was not going to rest until we made a new book! So this was the perfect opportunity to apply the concept of Personification. I had her choose an inanimate object – gave her a choice of vacuum or car and she also threw in a lightbulb and mop. She ended up choosing a vacuum. Then we chose a name for her – Vicky. I asked her to give her human characteristics – friendly and clean. Together we mapped out a plot, complete with climax!

Vicky is a blue and orange vacuum cleaner who is clean and friendly. She is proud of her clean living room floor.


In the book, something dreadful happens and Vicky and her friend Molly the Mop swoop/sweep in to save the day!


And here’s our finished crystal snowflakes. They turned out very pretty! Click the pictures to see the little crystals in better detail.





We will have to remember to put these on our Christmas tree!


Our first one (shown below) wasn’t as impressive as the second ones we made. My mistakes were not measuring the borax, I simply stirred until the borax didn’t dissolve at the bottom, I think I put too much in. Then I added more boiling water a few hours later. Satori also kept disturbing them, hehe. So not a “perfect” experiment.


You can see in the background that we are getting quite a bit of snow.


It’s 10:30am and it’s still falling slowly but steadily.