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Archive for March 28th, 2009

On March 18, President Obama received 34,000+ letters from children. The handwriting program we’re using – Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) asked kids to handwrite letters of advice to Obama with their “Mail to the Chief” program. I wish we’d known about it then, we would’ve sent our letter!

You just gotta read the following article. 🙂

HWT Letters to Obama

HWT Letters to Obama

Read more about it on the HWT website:

National Handwriting Day: Mail to the Chief Activity Across the Country

Handwriting Day Slideshow

Check out more media news, a video of the delivery, and advice that the children gave to the new President!

No homeschooling today, just having fun around the house! Just a few quick snapshots of my little girl. (If I call pictures snapshots, I don’t think they’re particularly photographed well, but they’re cute nonetheless!)

Started it off with a green smoothie for breakfast, Satori wanted some of mom’s, now she’s sporting a ‘Moothie Mustache!


Yumm… She sure guzzled that up fast.


I had wrapped up a little gift but Satori found it and was so sad that I let her have it. Here she is sporting a Beco doll carrier with Poppy her baby.

Beco doll carrier

Beco doll carrier

Satori babywearing

Satori babywearing

And to top it all off, Satori said Mama looked even more beautiful than her today! (She always is concerned about being the most beautiful, so this was a surprise!)

Now, off we go to another party!

Five in a Row manual

Five in a Row manual

Do you have children between the ages of 2-12? Do you have grandchildren, children you nanny/babysit, or have friends with children in this age group? Then you will love this list of quality children literature! Many of these have been awarded the Caldecott Medal, and/or are Classics that stand the test of time, and all are just plain awesome. I highly suggest purchasing a Five in a Row manual ($25-35) to get the most out of the books, but either way, they are great reads. And of course FIAR rowers will find this list ultra handy!


The past few days I compiled a complete FIAR book list, including Before and Beyond. Now I will always know on just one page if something is in stock, its price, author, and a photo of the book.

Five in a Row Complete Book List

Here’s a sampling of the first volume. You can tell at a glance if it is out of print and hard to find, and see its going rate prices for a used copy. You can also see if there is an Amazon 4-for-3 discount special on it. Hover over its link to get a popout of more detail!

Here are the manuals I own, I do not have Volume 4 or any of the Beyond yet, as it’ll be 4 more years until we get those. I do hope to adopt more children and thus I purchased the Before FIAR early. 🙂

fiar13 fiar22 fiar31

I’m posting the URL to this on the right side of every page, as well as the menu above for easy access.

FIAR Complete Book List