A great time was had by all on Saturday for Kim and Ken’s Baby Shower. We loved the cool rocking horses, and try as I might to get TWO children on them at once, I had to settle for this one of Satori with Peyton playing with balloons in the background. 🙂


The kids had fun in the super cool playroom, complete with a box house. Although not shown, I admired all the artwork of the 2 boys of the house in this room. Gives me incentive to get more creative with our projects at home.


Shirts were ripping and babies were crying in the scuffle between Ken and Kevin!


(Actually it was all in fun, but don’t you love the background in the above picture?) Later that night, a herd of elk meandered right up to the neighboring houses!

And I managed to get the twins in on the action. 🙂


The food was delicious, thanks Christy! Satori as usual, always wanted to be right next to Peyton. Here she is being silly with her apple smiley.


I do hope my dreams of being a child photography do come true someday, I just could not resist following this baby around. Here Kim helped me coax a smile out of her!


Love this tender moment between dad and daughter.


Tearing myself away from the cuteness of baby pictures, here’s the reason for the celebration – the soon-to-arrive twin brothers of Ken and Kim! I hope they were needing baby boy clothes, because they’re going to need lots of wardrobe space for all the clothes now!


I tried to get a picture of the 2 girls jumping up and down ecstatically while shouting the baby’s name, but its hard to get a sharp picture of kids in action.  Also wanted to get some of the amazing artwork hanging on their wall. 😉


Thank you for the great party!