I just wanted to take a moment and talk about these just-for-preschooler crayons and pencils. Our Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) program encourages us to use very short crayons and pencils. This forces your child to grip the writing utensil closer to the tip for finer control, rather than grasping way down the pencil.  They market their own short crayons with two colors/points on each crayon, called the Pre-K FLIP Crayons. These develop hand coordination and fine motor skills by flipping the crayon. You can make your own shorties by breaking your existing crayons in half or saving the broken crayons.

HWT Pre-K FLIP Crayons

HWT Pre-K FLIP Crayons

How does Satori like them? She squealed with delight and proceeded to draw me a few pictures. She calls them her “baby crayons”. We got the FLIP Gift Set of 20 mini packs, so we can stash some in mom’s purse for coloring at restaurants, or giveaway as little gifts. (There are no options for buying single packs on the HWT site.)


Of course they also sell short 4″ golf pencils too, complete with eraser. The only negative about our purchase is they’ve catered it to classrooms, not individual familes. So I’m stuck with a big box of 144 pencils, and 20 sets of crayons.


Because I’m sure we’re not going to use 144 pencils, if anyone wants a set of FLIP crayons (5 crayons/10 colors) and 4 pencils, I’d be willing to send a package to anyone in the US for a dollar to cover shipping. I could spare 5 “packages”. Simply leave a comment saying you’re interested and I’ll send a $1 Paypal request. The first 2 who leave a comment and have our blog linked on their website will get a set for free! 🙂