***EDIT 2 YEARS LATER – I decided to delete most of this post, as instead of making my own history program, I made my own prehistory program, and then followed SOTW after that. ***

We’re very excited to start our new prehistory studies. Starting with the Big Bang and how the universe formed, how plants and animals evolved, to prehistoric hominids, to how we ourselves came about. We’ll be starting off this week, and you can view our first lesson plan. Be sure to click the main Prehistory page to see the overview and main book spines we’re using. I’m aiming to do a lesson a week, but flexibility is the highest priority, and we may take several weeks to do a lesson, depending on interest and allowing for tangents. Each day I’ll cover our activities in a regular blog post, with pictures and descriptions of the hands-on activities. Satori, David and I are all looking forward to all this, can’t wait to start!