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Archive for May 17th, 2009

In the past we’ve had a saltwater reef tank and an African cichlid tank. Not tanks for beginners! When we moved to Colorado, we sold our tanks and fish and said no more fish!

However, we just started a new tank, but this one will hold Living Fossils – which means creatures who have not changed and have descendants still living today! Triops are a freshwater crustacean shrimp who have been around with for 200 million years – swam with the dinosaurs!

You can see our new triops with the naked eye, but they should grow for an inch or two. Lifespan isn’t very long.


They are too small yet to show up in photos, but as they grow, I will take more pictures.


Satori has been wanting a new pet for awhile, and these seem like they’ll be easy to care for.

For more on triops, check out this YouTube video on triops. (EDIT 03/2011: Unfortunately our triops never got that big!)

And learn more at and Wikipedia on Triops longicaudatus.

I didn’t plan to do more fossil-related activities, but when I saw this in the store, I couldn’t resist. Here it is on Amazon – I Dig Bugs: Amber Fossil Excavation. It comes with the excavation brick (with surprise inside), two tools, and glasses. Satori prefers her own googles though.

Amber fossil dig

Amber fossil dig

This was much easier than the other “digs” we’ve done this month.


Oooh, think we see something…

So pretty!!!


Unlike our other digs, this isn’t a genuine fossil, but it perfectly demonstrates the concept of amber fossils with insect inside. And it comes with  a predrilled hole and cord to make a necklace!

Amber fossil necklace

Amber fossil necklace