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Archive for May 20th, 2009

I picked up this Live Butterfly Garden and ordered the caterpillars online (they have a free voucher to use, but after reading reviews that it could take a long time, I paid online). Within 2 days of charging my credit card, we received our caterpillars (via USPS priority mail).


Just as promised, we got 5 painted lady caterpillars, and all were alive and crawling around. Although you’re not supposed to leave them in sunlight, we took a minute and snapped a few photos out on our deck where it was bright enough to see them.




We’ll take photos and probably upload them on Amazon as we’ve been doing with all our goodies lately. 🙂

Our Triops are doing well, I think 3 or more have hatched and in a week they should be big enough to take a picture of, which of course I will do. In 4 weeks, they should be an inch or two big, and probably will be creeping me out by then.

Today we watched another Galapagos DVD (IMAX version), but it wasn’t as good as the one I mentioned a few days ago. Nonetheless, we are very familiar with the animals on Galapagos Islands by now and Satori has been fascinated with them. She’s spending all her time playing with her Galapagos Island Toob and coloring the pages of her Galapagos Islands coloring book. This is the first time we got an official coloring book and it has been an absolute hit!

Galapagos Islands Coloring book

Galapagos Islands Coloring book

Out of the coloring book, there were many animals that we hadn’t learned about in the DVDs, so at first, I just copied/printed out just a few animals.


Satori soon wanted more, and asked where’s the Hawk, where’s the Crab, etc… so I ended up printing many pages of the book. (I copied and printed the pages so she could color them again another day.)

She set her Galapagos Toob animals down so she knew how to color them. With our 72-set of Prismacolor pencils, there was nothing stopping her drawing them just the way she wanted!


Each page describes a bit about the animal you’re coloring.

Galapagos Penguins

Galapagos Penguins

We have been compiling a binder to store all our prehistory coloring pages and such, so all Satori’s pages went into her binder and she is so proud of her new “Prehistory book”.