Today we went on a hike through the woods. I was hoping to find examples of the first land plants that covered the land about 475 million years ago – mosses, lichen and ferns. We found plenty of examples, even up on a high altitude mountain of our home. I won’t bore you with our photos of moss and lichen, but just wanted to share some photos of our mountain spring. I am always amazed at the vividness of the fresh new leaves of the aspens.

Aspen leaves

Aspen leaves



Here I’m getting a little creative with the post-processing, but just wanted to show off the new bright green aspen leaves against the dark evergreens.


Can’t forget a pic of Satori…

Found these things growing down by the stream, anyone know what they are? They’re just about 4-5 inches tall here.


When I first heard that our Colorado home had a mountain stream, I was psyched and imagined my dad fishing along a serene mountain stream. When we moved here, it was just this tiny brook at the bottom of our property. Here it is with all of spring’s gushing melting mountain snow.


Have to hurry, daughter is demanding my attention… Before plants ever got on land, of course they were in the sea. And as we’ve seen in our movies about the beginning of the earth, the very oldest fossils of life are these stromatolites, about 3.5 billion years old, built up by colonies of cyanobacteria.  (Cyanobacteria was also found in our saltwater reef tank, so we remember what that looked like.) On our vacation last month we got to see fossils at Johnson Farm Dinosaur Discovery in Utah, and mom thought to snap a pic.