A very rare rainy weekend for us in Colorado. We had the pleasure of my parents visiting yesterday and today David got to stay home and we all relaxed. I spent much time catching up on Facebook, something I’ve never really got into, this blog is time-consuming enough! Really enjoyed catching up with my sister, high school friends, and other friends I’ve lost touch with over the years. I snuck down to Boulder for a few hours to catch a movie, but then we hung out together.


After grilling out our tofu dogs, we had a family coloring night – and since Satori and I are studying the pre-dinosaur period, we used this coloring book tonight. I simply find it fascinating how many niche coloring books there are out there! You saw our Galapagos book, now here’s “Before the Dinosaurs”, which is appropriate as we learn about the Ordovician through Permian periods the next few weeks. 🙂

Before the Dinosaurs - coloring book

Before the Dinosaurs - coloring book


With these awesome Prismacolor pencils, it was so easy to get detailed. Satori amazed me how careful and intricate she was carefully drawing.


Even David got into it, and he originally wanted to use clunky crayons!


At the end of the night, we had about a dozen new coloring pages to add to our Prehistory Binder. Satori loves it.

And to check up on our caterpillars, wow, they are getting HUGE! I think they’ll be ready to start their cocoons later this week.