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Archive for May 29th, 2009

We had these dinosaur bone kits lying around, so today we finally put them together. We are so close to our dinosaur studies that things are overlapping and I thought it would be fun to do some dino activities today.

There’s 4 total in this collection, here we just have Brachiosaurus and Stegosaurus.


No sooner than we I had this brachiosaurus put together, when someone stuffed some leaves in his mouth! (We often have to stop to feed her plant eating animals grass and leaves.)


Both skeletons have movable jaws so the plant leaves stay!



Also, an update on our caterpillars, they have moved up to the top and formed their cocoon. I’ve moved the chrysalis to their butterfly habitat and now we just wait for them to emerge!

Here they are in their cup they came in. It got quite dirty with lots of caterpillar poop and silk stuff.




I had nothing better to do today while waiting for David to get home from his one-day Mexico meeting, so Satori and I did a bunch of experiments and trilobite crafts.

First up, this super cool Paper Trilobite! Print out this page to Build your own Paper Trilobite. It didn’t take long to make, just print, cut and glue/tape. It was an all-mom activity though, until I gave it to Tori to play with.

Isn’t he amazing?


It then scuttered right up to Satori’s head!

Next up, Trilobite Masks. I simply googled and found directions on making Trilobite Masks.