On a whim on nice Saturday day, we decided to get a zoo membership. We had spent the morning at Mud Lake looking for salamanders (finding none) and trying to catch crayfish (only to let them go after a moment). For Satori, this zoo trip was all about salamanders and reptiles! She really, really wants a reptile pet. (not gonna happen). She talks about  how she’ll pretend her lizard is one of her toy salamanders so that Grandma does not freak out. 🙂

Well when we got to the zoo, we did not see any salamanders (all they had was frogs and one newt), but we saw lots of reptiles like snakes, turtles and lizards.



It was fun to see the mudskippers, which to us was relevant as we study how fish evolved into amphibians. Sure enough, these cute little guys were swimming in the water, then popped up on land. There are at least 3 in this photo.




Not the typical photos you see after a family does a zoo trip and posts their photos. 🙂 Then again, we are not the typical family.

We then headed back west to the mountains, and halfway up, had a lovely picnic at White Ranch Park overlooking all of Denver. It was a beautiful day and I was so happy to hang out with my husband and daughter.