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Archive for June 22nd, 2009

Satori finished her Place Value lesson today on Math-U-See’s lesson 9. We actually started this lesson a few weeks ago or so and I wasn’t sure she was going to “get it” right away. So I started researching additional math curriculums that might compliment MUS and chose Singapore, which will arrive this week. Today we tackled the lesson again and to make it more interesting, we didn’t work off the workbook, but instead pulled out our white board and made it even more hands-on.


The red swirls is the “tornado” which messed up all our housing on Decimal Street. Satori set to putting the Tens townhouses and Ones apartment units in the right places.


Ah, much better. She then wrote the numbers for each place value and was able to say the number! 64! 27! 91! I was so proud. We also did it backwards where I’d write the number and she’d have to first say the number and then place the math manipulatives in the right place.

This is an example lesson of what is in Math-U-See’s Primer. The Primer is for preschoolers who show an interest in counting and quantifying. We’ve only sporadically done lessons, but I hope to be more consistent now and finish Primer by the end of the summer. Primer is meant to simply introduce math and we can breeze through most of the lessons. Not until Alpha will we have to make sure we really master each lesson before we move on. But for now, using Primer, Satori will be able to so some simple addition/subtraction, skip counting, work with hundreds, and tell time.

If you use Math-U-See, it won’t belong before your little one discovers that the green units make good hand puppets!


We’ve had a pretty cold and wet spring so far, I think the winter was warmer and drier! Definitely not a typical Colorado sunny and warm climate. Today is proving to be a nice day though, so we got to work outside for the first time in months.

Hanging out on the deck

Hanging out on the deck

Yesterday I found the coolest homeschool scheduling online planning application, I will blog about it within the next 24 hours. So, so excited about it!