The other two geocaches we did Wednesday night were also a few miles from our home.

Boogity Boogity Boogity took us awhile, as our iPhone GPS wasn’t being accurate, but luckily I did save the details on my iPhone and found that it was near a latrine, so that helped tremendously.

Diabetes Travel Bug

Diabetes Travel Bug

Mom then saw a pile of rocks that didn’t look natural and that was it. We left this Diabetes Travel bug, a panda figurine, and toy squirt gun.

Then on to Tommyknocker’s Cache! Luckily mom knew what a tommyknocker was and knew exactly where to look. I am glad I brought Dad out, after determining there were no bears or mischievious tommyknockers lurking inside, he quickly grabbed it! Our first cave, how exciting…

Tommyknocker's Cache

Tommyknocker’s Cache

Satori took a toy snake, she loved it so much it slept on her pillow that night. 🙂 We left the usual – a panda and some other toy trinket. I’ll intend to figure out some creative stuff to leave in caches, but I do think those pandas are cute. 🙂