I saw this idea a month ago on The Snail’s Trail blog (link below) and couldn’t resist it, it’s so cute! It uses paint chips, those free paint color samples you get from Home Depot/Lowes. I waited until I actually bought paint so I wouldn’t feel guilty just taking a bunch! If you are familiar with my blog, you’ll know why I have so many orange, green and purple chips, lol!

To make your own free paint chip phonics game, grab paint chips with 3 colors with a square cut out on the right side. Next grab a bunch with the long sample of colors.

Paint Chips filled in

Paint Chips filled in

I then went through our current and near future lessons in Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading (OPG) and All About Spelling (AAS) and marked down the beginning sounds on the long strips, and the ending sounds on the 3-color strips. Be sure to write the beginning sounds small enough to fit in the little squares! Then I cut the 3-color strips. Now you’ve got a fun game to use for reading/spelling!


Check it all out at the Snail’s Trail, a wonderful blog with tons of ideas! The link will take you right to her post on the “Handmade Word Family Game”, complete with all the word families, blends, and diagraphs. Thank you Momma Snail!