Usually when we row a book, I already know all the local events to tie it all in, but this weekend, as the family was preparing to go out for lunch in Nederland, I realized this weekend was Nederland Miner’s Days! First we stopped at the Mining museum, we have never been there before.


Some old miner’s gear – lights, boots, goggles…


They also had all kinds of fun family activities, like panning for coins in sawdust, tug of war, and more, but it started raining right when we got to the event, so no luck.

We did check out a huge book sale in Ned, and got two huge boxes filled with books for just $10! Here is the contents of one box. We picked up some of both David and my favorite books, and we’ll be giving them away to friends. There were quite a few books there that I had in my Amazon cart, like Family Math, Secret Garden, Prodigal Summer and Follow the Drinking Gourd.


Once home, we pulled out these Lincoln Logs for the first time and the whole family enjoyed putting this together. They don’t make em like they used to though. This was a timely activity as we are reading about log homes in the Appalachian mountains with The Rag Coat and our long-standing read-aloud of the Little House in the Big Woods. Satori sat and played “Little House in the Big Woods” for a few hours afterwards!