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Archive for September 6th, 2009

A drizzly stay-home Saturday on a holiday weekend… I decided to pull out our Evan-Moor Literature Pocket – Folktales & Fairytales. There are 7 favorite stories, from Goldilocks to Little Red Riding Hood, and activities to do with all. You make a “pocket” to put your finished items in. The whole family joined in to do these activities.


David acting goofy. Here he is helping cut while Satori is coloring her first book “The Little Red Hen”.


The Literature Pocket cover page:


Doing one of the activities, matching animal sounds to the animals and making a book. Satori knew how to sound out all the sounds except for “neigh”.

Here’s our completed “Little Red Hen” pocket! Satori wanted to do another story immediately, but we will have to wait until next weekend. 🙂


Next, we did the first lesson out of Draw Write Now drawing books. We did a little duck way back in February for Ping, today, we did a hen and made her red to go along with our Satori.


Draw Write Now our fun drawing books suitable for Satori’s  young age, and also has some copywork, which we did not do today, all Satori wrote was the name of the book. Here’s her finished drawing:


Sometimes I get obsessed with something, and collecting all the Five in a Row books was I suppose one. In February I started my FIAR collection, and after seeing how much Satori loved these books, even wanting me to read them over and over long after we rowed them, I added on. And on. Eventually I thought I might as well collect all the first 3 volumes our first year.

Here’s what they all look like together. Click each picture to see the full, original size.

FIAR books in Rain Gutter shelves

FIAR books in Rain Gutter shelves

There are some OOP (out-of-print) books that are not there, I couldn’t justify spending $100 on a rare, hard-to-find OOP book. There are also a few in my Amazon cart that I need to purchase, that are above the usual $7 I wanted to spend on a book.

Another view, here you can see the bottom shelf needs one more support, it is sagging a bit, oops.

FIAR books Vol 1-3

FIAR books Vol 1-3