Okay, so it’s not an actual treehouse, it’s the playset my dad built in July. I thought we’d do two lessons in the “treehouse” today for fun. Every now and then we’d be enthralled with a beautiful hummingbird, a loud whirring grasshopper thingie, and a “whiff” of flowers (“whiff” being one of the words we learned today).


I love how the OPG book cover matches the sky here! I should have brought my camera up in the treehouse, the view was beautiful.

Satori has been learning so fast lately, I hardly feel I am “teaching” her. Here’s what we worked on for reading today, you may want to click the picture to see it better.

OPG Lesson 63

OPG Lesson 63

We use a small whiteboard for our lessons, we don’t use any flashcards that are optional to purchase with the book. Most days we use a little bit larger whiteboard, the size of the book itself. Then we can fit multiple sentences/paragraphs on it. It is magnetic and has a blank white side, and a lined side. Lately, we’ve been using this tiny one word/phrase lined whiteboard.

Satori is not picking up her own books yet and reading them, even though I have BOB and Nora Gaydos books laid out in strategic spots, but I am not worried. Just yesterday we were at Sam’s Club, and all of a sudden she was saying “Sam’s Club” over and over excitedly. On the shopping cart handle, were the words that she read. She continued to read all our groceries: GLAD, EGGO, and much more.

Here’s the All About Spelling lesson we did today. She’s learned SH, TH, and CH pretty well now. Normally we do most work on the 2’x3′ magnetic whiteboard, but we couldn’t fit that in our treehouse today. Besides, she loves to write on paper. Here I dictated words and short 2-3 word phrases and she wrote them on her paper.

AAS - Lesson 12

AAS - Lesson 12

She’s a pretty good speller actually, she masters everything we learn. The only issue she’s having is sometimes she spells “e” for the short “i”. I ask her to read what she wrote, and then she’ll quickly redo it with an “i”. Also, about 50% of the time, she will use a “z” for an “s”, like in the word “has”, but she’s getting better.

To non-homeschoolers, this stuff sounds pretty meaty for a 4 year old, but we only do lessons when she wants to, and keep them short. I simply introduce something new and she learns it and we practice it a few times. We don’t make lessons long and boring. If I can tell she isn’t enjoying herself, I stop. If I feel she doesn’t like the curriculum we’re using, I am not afraid to switch to something new, as we did with math by switching to RightStart.

Oop, I just got 10 letters, most of them asking to go to the library! We better go to the Boulder Creek Festival now and hopefully see our friend and her new baby girl! “Mom  Can you go to the library. You can get books. You better bring a list mom. – Satori”