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Archive for September 13th, 2009

Digging more into our Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding book (BFSU), we truly hit one of the basic foundations of science by examining the States of Matter – Solid, Liquid, and Gas. We  used our new Science Station corner area, which has a floor we can use as a chalkboard!


Of course, as I setup the station, Satori grabbed some chalk and explored the novelty of writing on the floor. 🙂


I gathered examples of each state of matter… and set them on a tray…

It’s all set! Satori is sitting at the Science Station, go-along books ready, and her blank science journal for the lesson.


We went over the lesson, and afterwards separated all of our items into their corresponding current states of matter. We had fun exploring some items who had different states of matter depending on the temperature, or how to tell a solid like sugar from a liquid, and smelling various odors emanating from the items (gases).


David helped out with the lesson, and we saw how water can be different states of matter, and watched a solid form into a liquid before our eyes with an icecube, chocolate kisses, and butter. David made hot chocolate and we saw all 3 states of matter in the process (powder solid, chocolate liquid, and steam gas).

Finally, Satori made her first Science journal, just two pages folded in half made into a book.


Did I tell you she has a bit of a sense of humor?


I’m so happy we covered this important lesson, I’ve been noticing how this comes in handy all throughout the week as we learn about different things, science and non-science!

Both Dr. Nebel’s book, Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding, and his Yahoo support group will help present this lesson, as well as assist you in covering the difficult questions that may arise.

Today Satori and I did our “Three Little Pigs” Literature Pocket. Daddy was busy watching football, so we didn’t have the pleasure of his company.


Satori usually likes to act  out stories like this with dad, myself and her, but since we only had two people, I decided to spice it up a tad by creating the story physically.

We didn’t have a Big Bad Wolf or 3 little Pigs, but we did have an Andrewsarchus (prehistoric wolf-like mammal predator) and 3 little Penguins. 🙂 All the materials were within 3 yards of our deck.

First house – flimsy straw!


Second penguin’s house made of sticks (and bark):


Finally, a house made of stone that the Big Bad Andrewsarchus could not blow down! 🙂