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Archive for September 29th, 2009

On the road I only have access to my laptop and online editors. Up to now I’ve been using the free photo editing service. I just upgraded tonight to their premium service.

I still hate editing photos on this laptop, I feel like I’m blind and cannot see the fine details. But what can ya do… Here’s a photo I edited with one of the Premium features – “Before and After”. Wish Photoshop did this, it’s so much fun!

In this photo I didn’t like how tossled her hair was in the wind, and how it was reflecting light, making it look gray. I experimented with a few of Picnik’s editing tools to make it look darker and softer. Also cropped it a bit more closely, got rid of the distracting white corner in the upper left. Sparkled up the eyes (and now you can see me the photographer in them!) Got rid of a few flyaway hairs in her eye. Even gave her some blush on her cheeks! Just a few things you can do with Picnik!


Still wish I was on my home computer with Photoshop though… I do not trust what I see here…

We are here on my parent’s farm, and our week is now booked! We just threw a family party last night and had over 25 relatives at my parent’s house. The rest of the week Mama’s going to see friends that she hasn’t seen since her wedding!

Trying to get a shot of Satori swinging on her swing eating fresh grapes that Grandpa pulled off the vine a few feet away.


Mmmm… One of Satori’s favorite foods is grapes!


Next, we found this furry caterpillar, I remember these guys in plenty from my own childhood here.


When I’m away from home I use Picnik as my editor, I just upgraded to their Premium service and got cool frame options! 🙂