We celebrated Satori’s 5th birthday yesterday with a Fairy Magical party. Despite a winter ice storm, all our mountain friends made it except one who didn’t have snow tires. And my brother’s family from the flat-lands made it even, but had to walk up our driveway. The party lasted almost 4 hours and most called to let us know they got home safely after the party.

Mama had so much fun decorating for this party! A magical autumn fairy grotto was the centerpiece in our living room with twinkling lights, autumn leaves and tulle draped everywhere. Tiny tea party sets were placed in the middle so our little fairies could celebrate.

Fairy Grotto

Fairy Grotto


As people arrived, we beaded fairy wreaths. It was fun getting to know each other, as we live in a mountain community, which I think is more close-knit than places we’ve lived in the past. There were 3 homeschooling families, new friends of ours that were at the party.

Photography backgrounds were setup, but by the time I pulled out my camera, a couple of guests had to leave to beat the ice storm home.



Satori had a blast running around with her old and new friends!


Satori and cousin Peyton:




Even Aiden gets into the fairy spirit for a moment!


Every year Satori freaks out when we sing Happy Birthday to her. This year she was okay through the song, but then she fell off her chair and slid under the table so she couldn’t blow her candles out. Next year I am sure she will make it all the way through this birthday ritual! 😉