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Archive for December 10th, 2009

Satori was excited to show us in a video on how to spell /k/ words tonight. I should’ve done this last week, when we first learned these rules and words. Now she just knows them.

At first I wanted her to spell Ken, like her Uncle Ken, but she was supposed to use a blank tile for the /k/ sound. I guess she has most of these c/k words memorized by now. Oh well!

(After watching the video back, Satori is embarrassed that she mis-read “cid”, she should’ve pronounced it as “sid” instead of “send”. I also really need to take these videos during the day so they’re brighter!)

I think Satori would love to teach the whole world how to spell!

Spelling is one of Satori’s favorite subjects. (This week it was Math, more about that later…) Here she is behind her All About Spelling board we have setup in the Learning Loft.


For Lessons 16-17 in our All About Spelling program, we covered a few things that even helped Mama! I don’t remember being taught these simple spelling rules, and when I was on a spelling site today (we are not using that site), they just had the child memorize how to spell the words, with no way to apply any rules to remember. So when we covered these two lessons in the past week, I thought it was such a great way to help children spell.

Cute daughter pictures aside, here she is being serious, holding up our All About Spelling Key Concept card that she now is able to apply to spelling without any hesitation. (Click on the photo below to see larger size if needed.)

C says /s/ before which 3 letters?

What are two ways to spell the sound of /k/ in the beginning of a word? Which letter do we try first?


For words that start with the /k/ sound, we can either spell with the letters K or a C. (Advanced words like Christmas are not covered in Level 1.) In this case, I asked her to spell “craft”. She put up a blank blue tile for the /k/ sound and proceeded to spell the rest of the word…   _raft.


So according to the above rules, we will proceed. Two ways to spell the sound of /k/ at the beginning of a word are “K” and “C”. First we try “C”.


If that doesn’t apply to our first rule where C has the soft sound (/s/), then C it is! In this case, she ended up correctly with CRAFT.

However, if the c is followed by an e, i, or y, then it is the soft sound of c. Below, when spelling “kept”, when she first tries a “c”, it is apparent that that is the soft sound of c, so then we’d use the k instead! Doesn’t this make spelling easy?

0912-c-010Satori can now spell this list of phrases. She now has no excuse to write a letter to Uncle Ken and her Aunt Kims (we have two Kims in the family).


Stay tuned for our YouTube video on Satori giving this lesson!