I would’ve never heard Satori say the below phrase back when we used Math-U-See last summer! Satori said this to me after our RightStart lesson.

Mom, is Math all Games?

Mama replied that she indeed thought math was a lot of fun. There are certainly many games we can play using math.

In particular, RightStart sure does make math interesting and fun! And we were doing fun stuff that they didn’t even label as their “games”. I finally ordered their Math Card Games book and DVD, should arrive later next week. All the game cards already came with our RightStart Level A Starter Kit. I really wish we had focused on RightStart all fall, but since Satori has been looking forward to doing math lately, we should get caught up soon.

Here she is making her first fractal. I admit I didn’t even know what a fractal was until this afternoon! Now we have a nice little 10 triangle design to admire.


Finally we’ve reached the lessons where we go over multiple 10s. For the next few months we’ll be referring to these as ten, 2-ten, 3-ten, and so on up through 10-ten which we call hundred. Here she is showing me 6-ten and the AL Abacus. We covered this in Math-U-See, but gave these 10s nicknames like two-ty, three-ty, four-ty… MUS did an excellent job getting Satori to understand her 10s, now to see where RightStart takes us…


We’ve also learned our evens and odds this week (up to 10), something we left off on back in late September before we took our long hiatus.

Hopefully her interest in math will continue. Right now she is even asking to do Math before Spelling! She told her Uncle Ken over the phone yesterday that she loves math. Yay!