Now that we’ve had a thorough study of prehistory, we are just about to launch into our studies of actual history using Story of the World (SOTW) by Susan Wise Bauer. You may have heard me chatter away about SOTW in the blog or in homeschooling forums asking how soon I could start. All summer I was dying to start this history program designed to start around Grade 1, but decided to wait until Satori was 5.  Well, now she is, and I’ve been preparing our lessons for this exciting endeavor!

We’ll be closely following the actual Story of the World Volume 1: Ancient Times book and Activity book, but like the perfectionist geek that I am, I also got History Odyssey and a similar free program called Myths, Maps, and Marvels. This month I’ll be seeing how to combine the best ideas from them all. Art in Story book will enhance our learnings. I’ve got timelines, black line maps, history pockets and more on hand to help with the lessons.

I expect our history studies to take up a large part of this blog, as I’ll be documenting the whole journey with descriptions and photos – what we’ve learned, what we’ve made (crafts/art/projects), what we’ve read (literature read-alongs) and more.