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Archive for December 17th, 2009

Kate Miller over at Charlie’s Playhouse knew that Satori learned about evolution when she was 4 years old, and thought it would be cute to have such a young kid in her video “Talking with kids about evolution!” This project celebrates the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s book “On the Origin of Species”.

Charlie’s Playhouse is a great shop and resource for teaching evolution to kids. They have some great toys that Satori loves. Their Giant Evolution Timeline is a huge walk-on play mat that shows how life has evolved from the very beginning. Check out our video and blog review on the Charlie Playhouse products we did last summer when I “tested” Satori after just one reading of the map!

Head there now to get their wonderful evolution toys on sale. Their sale lasts through Monday, December 21, so hurry!


Giant Evolution Timeline Play Mat 25% off

Giant Evolution Timeline Poster 25% off

Ancient Creature Cards 25% off

Evolution Flip Books 20% off

And now for the giveaway! This will be a small one, as finances are tight this year, but it should be fun anyway. 🙂 I am giving away 2 Evolution Flip Books. All you have to do is comment to this post between now and midnight December 21. Satori will pick the two winners randomly out of a hat.


This is the first in a series of 5 ancient creatures evolving. I just ordered them, so they will be on their way, ready to ship out as soon as we announce a winner on Tuesday, December 22, 2009!

This very Explode the Code workbook was one of the very first workbooks I purchased last spring once I decided to homeschool Satori. If you’re new to homeschooling, it won’t take you long before you hear about this program. Once we got it, Satori did a few pages out of it, but then I decided not to follow a “workbooky” style and set it away for months.

Then, a reader of my blog mentioned them and out they came again! This time I got the 3 pre-books, which Satori whizzed through quickly. Finally, we are on the book 1, which is still too simple for us, but I love the review. I love the handwriting practice too. Here’s a sample page she did today.


Satori just turned 5 last month and the past few months we hadn’t done much schooling at all, but I am proud that she is finally to the point where she automatically writes in lowercase for most words.

Speaking of handwriting, we use Handwriting Without Tears program and have finished their Kindergarten book. I am going to go through the rest of December reviewing some of her problem letters and doing simple copywork. She still sometimes writes “g” backwords, and does a few letters incorrectly, which will slow her down in the long run. Letters like “p” she doesn’t write below the line sometimes. “z” is sometimes written backward as well. The rest of her letters are acceptable, but we also need to learn to write on the correct lines. We need to practice on the HWT’s special paper that has only two lines. We’re going to address these inefficiencies this month, and then start with HWT’s Grade 1 book next semester, starting January 2010.