To fund my new obsession with reading quality literature (and addiction to homeschooling books, games and curriculums of course), I am selling hundreds of old books. As you can see by the pictures, I used to be a computer programmer, and then had my own online e-commerce business. As a book addict, I think I bought all the related books on the market, eek. A few weeks ago, I started selling them all, and have sold over 100 books and made over $1000! In my garage I have boxes and boxes of books, they are slowly coming out and making it on my Amazon Marketplace pages for sale.

No, my bookshelf isn’t actually tilting, I just could show more books that way.

Wanna see the desk of a former girl geek?

Some of my online ecommerce tools are coming in handy, such as this Zebra thermal printer (to print my postage) and this scale. I will keep my Endica postage account.

I would love to say goodbye to my former computer-programming/business entrepreneur life forever, and fill this shelf and many more with the classics! While we have a children’s library reading room, I wish I could make my very own comfortable reading room filled with the Great Books, and floor to ceiling shelves. If we had an extra room in our house, I would do just that, but I ran out of rooms…