Family night tonight! On the agenda – Tacos for dinner, reading a few science books aloud, then doing a fun science activity, and finally family games! This post covers the “fun science activity”.

To tie in with this week’s science lesson which introduced electricity, we pulled out Snap Circuits Jr. With this kit and a pair of AA batteries, you can build over 100 projects (101 to be exact). You may notice by the picture that this was designed for ages 8 to 108, but don’t let that stop you if your child is a few years younger. 🙂 In our case, we know our 5 year old girl would benefit from this cool learning kit with the assistance of Mom and Dad. She understands the basics of electricity, that it is produced in power plants, travels to our homes via wires, and through switches, we complete the circuit for the flow of electricity to give energy to power appliances and such.

Be sure to read the instructions first, so you don’t inadvertently create a “short circuit” and damage your kit! I handed this project over to Daddy. The instructions though, are above her reading level, so Daddy would read and call out the little items needed – L1, #2 snap wire, etc… Here Satori is impatiently waiting, I overhead her grumbling a flippant comment.

Our first project was “Electric Light & Switch”. This consisted of 4 main items – power source (battery holder), lamp socket, slide switch and a few blue snap wires to connect. Once it’s complete, and the switch is turned on, the light goes on! It also finally piqued her curiosity.

The instruction manual tells you in what order and where on the grid to snap each item, so Satori was soon snapping away. Satori got a kick out of the next one, which converts the electricity to mechanical power and powers a little fan! We did one more – Sound Activated Switch. Snap Away Satori!

This one is powered by sound, so Satori would clap to play the song!

We only did these 3 activities tonight, and the next few lessons we’ll have Satori try to figure them out herself by looking at the pictures (with adult guidance of course). We’ll be working on all 101 over the next few years, and eventually upgrade to more advanced kits!