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Archive for January 11th, 2010

As mama previewed our RightStart math lesson today, it called for two abacuses (or abaci) if you have them. Luckily, I had a make-your-own abacus kit so we put that together! I see this is no longer available unfortunately, but I got it for just $2.50 from RightStart. Here’s the cached page of their AL Abacus “Mini-Abby”. It is easy to make your own if you can find those little dowels and then some pony beads, popsicle sticks, and binder clips. It came in a little bag with everything (but the glue and pen) shown here.

The orange and yellow weren’t too inspiring for us, so I had Satori choose her own light and dark colors. We have tons of pony beads from our craft room, so that worked out well.

She couldn’t wait to play with it. 🙂

We just think it’s super cute.

This particular lesson today covered a multitude of things. We are finally getting back into place value (where we left off from Math-U-See last summer). So we had a bunch of tens and ones laying on the floor, and I would call out 4-ten and she would pick the number up and enter it on her abacus.

That was just a review, we had done that yesterday, and I’m finding we don’t need to review so much. We proceeded to learn how to enter 8-ten plus 1 on the abacus and call it 8-ten one. (We will call numbers these weird names for a bit longer, it makes math make so much more sense if you think of things in terms of tens and ones.)

To conclude the lesson, we learned a new game – Swim to Ten! Satori loved this and after the lesson, she played it by herself for 20 more minutes. “Swim to Ten” allowed her to practice her decision making skills as she chose which of her swimmers to move when she rolled the dice. If one lands on an “X”, she has to go back to the beginning! In beginner-mode, you can give the child a second chance. In harder mode, she has to move the first swimmer she touches. To win, you must land your swimmer exactly on the 10th spot.

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