Right before Christmas I realized we need more challenging puzzles, so now Satori has some 84 and 100 piece puzzles. Last week, a local mom sold me this cool table and chairs (with bins underneath) for just $25, it makes a great puzzle table!

It’s just the perfect size for puzzles and games for  Satori.

If you know me, I get obsessed about certain things and go all out researching and gathering… Well one of my latest obsessions is games! Before Christmas the only games we had were like Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. Ho-hum… Needless to say, we never played the boring games. A thread on the WTM got me excited about building our game library!

I scoured homeschooling forums and of course Amazon, and came up with some that I think Satori will enjoy. I looked for challenging games for ages 5-7 that were creative and fun. Probably equally important, ones that her mom and dad would enjoy playing with her! For more game options visit https://magic.wizards.com/en/magic-gameplay.

Cleaning out our hall closet was a project that took me almost two weeks, but finally it is cleared out and our new games and puzzles moved in. Even Daddy and Mama got a few – our favorite is now Pandemic, a cooperative game that is sooo much fun! We look forward to playing Ticket to Ride Europe this weekend. David chose that game, there is also Ticket to Ride based in North America. There’s a whole world of games like this that we can’t wait to play. These are over Satori’s level, but in a few years she’ll be able to join us.

I hope to review some of the games that Satori and our family enjoy. Right now we’re digging Chicken Cha Cha Cha and Kids of Carcassonne. I’ll talk more about them in-depth in another post.