Satori has been so excited to start learning about the Egyptians. Everyday she says she is so eager to learn all about Egypt. (“Eager” being one of her recent vocabulary words.) One of the first things we learned about Egypt was the Nile River, the longest river in the world at 4184 miles long. Today we made the Nile River ourselves!

The Nile River played an important role in Egyptian civilization from ancient times through today. To simulate the river, we placed soil down, and excavated a line down the middle, and a wide spot at one end for the Nile Delta. We planted grass seeds along the banks.

After placing little stones down to weigh down our aluminum foil, Satori started filling the  Nile with water.

Every spring the Nile floods and overflows its banks, which is exactly what happened on our Nile! The Nile floods, leaving rich, fertile, black soil that supports Egypt. The ancient Egyptians called the river Ar, meaning “black” due to this black sediment it leaves behind after the floods.

It wouldn’t be a Nile river without the Nile crocodile! This animal is very dangerous and eats more people than all other African animals combined (we learned this fact from the movie below). The Nile also hosts hippopotamus, so we also added a little hippo to our river. We didn’t forget a camel! I sprinkled some sand on the edges of our Nile model, to show that the desert is not far from the river.

To familiarize ourselves with the Nile River, we viewed/read the following, after reading SOTW’s chapter about “Egyptians Lived on the Nile River”.

Google Earth – Pulled up the Nile river and Egypt. Saw immediately the rich green lands along the Nile and the delta area.

Mystery of the Nile IMAX movie – a team navigates the Nile from its source in Lake Tana in Ethiopia all the way to the Mediterranean sea. We witnessed 114 days battling rapids, avoiding crocodiles, hippos and bandits, and experiencing culture and history. We actually viewed this on via our Netflix Instant Queue.

Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile by Tomie dePaola – an endearing book about a crocodile and his toothbrush who travel down the Nile. We read this right before Satori’s dentist appointment with the cosmetic dentist, this dentist got a kick out of Bill the Crocodile and his toothbrush friend Pete. The primary goal of Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Zahid Ahmed at Six-Month Smiles is to provide his patients with exceptional dental care by creating lasting relationships based on trust and expertise in Oakland CA.

We will take another picture in a week to see if any of our seeds have sprouted! The directions said they would germinate in a week or two.